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Thursday , friday and the weekend


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All looking flyable . Who wants to join me?

Thursday looks good for a free fly pg sesion at the Dyke, or can try for a thermal over my place or from Hurstpierpoint with the motors. . see http://rasp.inn.leedsmet.ac.uk/RASPtable.html for updraft velocity below. Then Friday, and possibly Sunday, looks good for soaring along the coast between Brighton and Beachy head. Could even try the Dorset coast for a change on Friday, though that is a lot of travelling


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I am supposed to be taking the boat out of the water over the weekend, i might be able to do sunday depending on how it goes....

Thursday i am around but not sure whats happening, I might be meeting up with michel c. But not heard back from him yet so dont know whats going on..

but well up for thermal flying session.

Friday i am free!!!

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Right now Saturday morning looks like the least windy part of the weekend.

Newhaven area?

If the forecast holds Brighton to Beachy head may be doable :)

Probably a little too light for soaring, but with my slow wing I do not know if I will make it there if it gets windy :(


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