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Hello everyone, I just bought a Rad MXL electric start model with a silly fan blade on the back. Does anyone have any advice on how to get a decent amount of thrust from the machine? Pete B has had a go at one set of blades and got the engine to rev up to 9000 rpm but it is only delivering 25Kilos of thrust as measured on his test bed, which is probably not a lot of good. I am prepared to make up (with Petes help) a larger ring and transplant it onto the cage, (well actually it will be Pete doing it with my help :D ), so that I can use a carbon fibre prop, I even have a friend who has a Raket powered machine that I can copy dimensions from, but if I can get the fan to work properly that will be a quicker fix! I have read posts about glass fibre blades from Beastons(?) in Sheffield but have read nothing recent. Any advice on this matter will be great. OH---- I noticed that the top straps to attach to the cage are held on by rivets. Not any longer, I stitched the straps in place and sitched the rivets, they are not a good idea on webbing!!

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