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Miniplane Top 80 Reserve


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Thanks for replies guys. :)

Yes, have seen the Miniplane Snip reserve and it looks good, but I've found it tricky locating a dealer in this country.

Wondered if anyone is using a Gin G one reserve and how exactly it's fitted and where it connects.

I'm sure the Miniplane snip has 2 bridles as it connects to the 2 caribiners, but the Gin G one has only one.

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you'll prob have to get the appropriate "y" bridle. It connects to the single strop from the chute to your two connection points on the harness or to the caribiners whichever you decide to use. Pretty standard that one is used.

Hope that helps

Cheers Col....

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I use the Gin Yeti reserve with it's own lightweight container. http://www.ukairsports.com/catalog/prod ... cts_id=680

Its very small and light, and fixes to my left swing arm completely out of the way but accessable if needed. There is room to fit all the unused Y bridle inside the outer bag and just have the ends coming out onto the carabiners.

So much nicer than having it on the front in the way (IMHO)

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Yah i have the front mounted reserve and find it does get in the way a little. But a good place to keep all your instruments so swings and roundabouts i suppose.

Ozone have a new reserve out called the angle dont know much about it but worth a look also dont forget sup air light weight reserve's.

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