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Free 2 stroke oil

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Could anyone make use of 14 x 1 litre bottles of Castrol Aviation A545 LA? I used to fly a 2 stroke trike but now I have a bailey so I don't need the oil. I'm not going to pack them up and send them in the post but if you can collect, you're welcome to them.



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Just found this after a quicky search...


Here is some information on A545 LA that may be of interest to BMAA members.

I have been running my Rotax 582 on A545 since I bought it second hand and I

have been very happy with it. It was run on A545 since new. I wanted to find

out if there was any issue in changing to TTS oil as that is much easier to


I have just found out from a very helpful person called John Winfield in the

Technical Dept. of Castrol UK that Castrol A545 LA has now been

discontinued. The last batch of 1,700 litres was made a few months ago for

Trevor Pond who now owns the rights to the Hewland 2-stroke engine.

He assured me that TTS is identical to A545 and is now has a red dye in it

for people that need to premix. However the downside of this is that it can

stain some translucent plastic tanks pink!



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