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Well I had a chance to fly it a few times (hence what I have called it)

You will very rarely see one and when you fly it the power is frightning :D

Level flight for me was with 5mm of throttle applied so fast tick over more or less.

Take off was 1 step while others were running about 10- 20 metres

The harness makes it sit on your back nicely and it does not feel as heavy as it is.

The cage goes together quick and easy and is very compact when removed.

More to come later when I have had it on the thrust tester :shock:


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Although I built it didn't get chance to test it out before delivery due to time, so looking forward to flying it with regards to the power output. Glad to hear your initial flights put a smile on your face.

I don't know if it was a smile or a nervous laugh :shock:

I will try to get down soon (weather permitting) and let you know when.


Must remember my camera to take a pic of your face when you land :D

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