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Independent Paramotor Owner Survey. (iPos). :-)

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Well. I thought I'd bite the bullet.

There are lots of members and guests on here and an equal amount of questions. However, for me (about to make an investment in kit purchase) I'd really like an owners survey of the total customer experience.

I'm not affiliated with any dealer, manufacturer or paramotor organisation and therefore have a completely unbiased viewpoint.

The survey consists of 10 questions so should not take too long to complete. I'd like to do this annually as I'd hope it keeps manufacturers on their toes and focussed on their customers as well as their products.

The survey will end on the last day of November. I'm sure there's many options missing which I hope everyone will contribute towards.

I'm not collecting any personal information and none will be shared directly with any dealer or manufacturer.

The answers once analysed will be published and shared openly.

Hopefully we can actually get a good number of responses. Also I'm hoping it will help with my purchase decision and a general state of the market.

The survey is here. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/YV3SLKW

Happy to take questions. Please feel free to distribute and share.



I should add that it's anonymous too. Also, if you have probs or negative feedback it would help to include some detail.

Thanks again.


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There seem to be some flaws in the survey... unable to check responses to some parts of the questions, eg No 8..

This could lead to mis-interpretation of the results- I suggest you reset the survey if it is to be of any practical use.

Thanks Gordon I'll go look now. Do you want to pm me with the specific option that wasn't working. I've had a few completed now so thought it was working.



Ok I've just gone through it twice. Seemed to answer all correctly. If you had a problem with submission please let me know. I can delete individual responses if necessary.



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Well I've completed a survey as requested ( :wink: ) and although I'm not a big fan of surveys it could prove useful to owners, buyers or manufacturers so well done for starting it.

I've spent a lot of time studying various paramotors, including the latest models on display at St. Hilaire last month, and although there are some great features on several, there isn't one yet which I would class as perfect. Thats before we even try to strike a balance between power, weight, strength, fuel economy etc...

These may be something to consider in your survey, as although some may prefer to keep things simple, there is nothing to distinguish (in reliability for example) between several minor faults and one catastrophic component failure....

Comfort might be another section (on the ground and in flight), fuel economy, noise level, parts cost (when out of warranty) etc.

Maybe an owners comments section for good & bad points ? For example on my Kobra the bushed pivot arm mounting is one of the best I've seen, but the fuel filler cap is in a stupid location right under the engine & spark plug ....

Oh, there may be something coming out soon from tests run at St. Hilaire for thrust, noise level etc by a Hungarian paramotor company who brought a test rig along - a few of us gave it a go .....

Anyway, look forward to results - the more unbiased info available the better it will be for new and existing pilots.

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Having communicated with Jeff Goin the US are now clicking the response button so the numbers are increasing.

I've sent emails to the Aus and NZ official orgs. Whether they'll have any effect I don't know. I'd really prefer grass routes participation.

So. If there are any flyers overseas (MEA, APJ, AUS, NZ, BRIC, CAN, SA) I'd appreciate some pointers about whom to contact.

Any and all help appreciated v



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Hi everyone

I just wanted to bring this request into view again. Good level of response so

far With respondents across the US, EMEA, APJ. Takes 3 minutes to complete and

will hopefully provide a view of the market to manufacturers and dealers.

I'd really appreciate your participation. If you can pursuade your fellow flyers

to take part that would be great too.

Happy to take questions and suggestions.



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I thought I would provide an update to the survey so far.

There's been nearly 200 complete responses with many additional suggestions for

new questions.

I've managed to make contact with some paramotor forums in the US and the

response there has improved.

ParamotorMag have kindly offered me three 1 year subscriptions to their

magazine, to give away as a thank you for completing the survey.

I have decided to use this offer to give 1 subscription to a respondent in each

of the major geographic regions (US, EMEA & APJ). This is a generous offer and

produces a dilemma in so far that the survey is mostly annonymous.

I'll figure out some way to do it. suggestions welcome.

To those that have completed the survey, many thanks for taking the time. If

you've not as yet completed it please take 3 minutes out of your day.

it's now deemed so successful that I have to pay to analyse all the results. I'm

happy to do this and there is still ZERO cost to complete the survey.

I genuinely feel this type of survey will yield results for all Paramotor pilots

and selfishly help me to make a choice for my own procurement.

You can take the survey at the following URL


Happy to answer any questions and welcome any/all suggestions.

thanks again


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just as an update.

now just under 300 completed responses (thanks to everyone who did so). The offer of a years subscription to paramotor mag (donated by them) still stands. If you've previously completed the survey and you want to be entered just complete it again (leaving an email address) I will remove the previous entry from the results (avoiding double counting).

Thanks for everything


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I hope its not to long.

2 months 300 people... not a great global representation which is a shame, how many are you looking for before data is live? or is it a time scale....

If it takes to long, things will change... products will change, time scales, and so on, just as a course of the pulse of life.


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Hi all.

I have received a number of requests to extend the survey deadline. I've added a week to the survey and provided the ability to re-edit. You should be able to therefore add an email address should you want the chance to get a free 1 yr subscription to paramotor mag.

Thanks again.

Safe flying.


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