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Yaesu FT-60


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Now I am starting to fly with other pilots it's time to start looking for a radio.

Most seem to be using either PMR or 2m. I don't want air band Tx, although the geeky side of me fancies RX so I can listen to the big planes (at least I'll get some indication if they've seen me).

I've had a quick Google & managed to confuse myself however the one radio that stands out to me is the Yaesu FT-60 as it seems small, well priced, can Tx on 2m & PMR & can Rx airband - the Alinco's don't seem to have this option as far as I can tell.

So does anyone use one of these? what's your opinion on them or are there any better alternatives?


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Does this unit switch between the different band on its own or is it something you have to do while flying.... Are you really going to fly and change channels/frequ and hope that you flying buddy is going to talk to you while you have it on say 2m.

Also i think you can only chat to 2m on pmr at a certain frequ and not receive or the other way around....I tried it with rob jone's a year or two ago and it did not work....

Buy a good 2m or PMR depending on who you fly with most often. If you start to do big xc's and you need to talk to ATC's then get an airband radio but you will have to learn the lingo....

Just my 2p :o

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I use the Yaesu VXR-7 and its a great radio with tri-band, waterproof, TX easy to unlock on all frequencies and more functions than almost any other set out there. Some good deals on ebay too, but I also use a motorola PMR depending on who I'm flying with. Much less hassle to just have both and swap connectors on the day than try to decipher the Yaesu manual or change settings mid flight - although I have managed to get it to receive on PMR channels on dual watch while using 2m frequencies as main...

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Phil, the big boys wont broadcast that they have seen you as a contact unless ATC informed them you where there first place. We dont really show up on radar so unless you ask for one of the services they offer and pass your details, ATC wont be able to pass your position on to others in service also.

You will soon give up trying to chat with follow pilots on PMR and 2m in flight as you will get feed up with asking 'say again'.

I fly with airband mainly to give me something to listen too on long flights, monitor local traffic, give my position and intentions when needed and a back up for emergencies as these radios work line of sight (up to around 100 miles) there is always commercial aircraft in the sky monitoring.


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Thanks for the info. Plenty of food for thought & a couple of things I hadn't thought of.

It seems the simplest way ahead is to use my existing PMR's with pilots that use these & buy a separate 2m to use with pilots that fly with these & just plug in whichever is appropriate.

I still like the look of the FT-60, but maybe just using it as a 2m when flying then putting it on the window sill to listen to the local air traffic when grounded & ignore the PMR bit if it's incompatible with "real" PMRs.

Although, as I seem to be getting the impression they can be a pig to setup, I may well end up buying something simpler - like the Alinco. I'll do a bit more research on this before I make a final decision.

I didn't really to go down the air band route (although I realise they may be the best option in terms of range etc) due to the whole licensing pullava & I haven't met any local pilots that use airband.

Too much choice out there, it's frying my brain trying to decide what is best!

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