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Please allow me to introduce myself

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Hello there.

I'm Pete, an engineer and keen motorcyce rider and builder. I've been attracted to small flying machines since I first saw a group of microlights land in the next field while I was at a motorcycle rally.

I have some flying experience, starting with a few hours on Chipmunks in the 70's, a short course ending with a solo circuit in a Swallow motorglider and a couple of 'experience' flights in microlights.

My brother (Frog - yes, that's his name) has been flying for years and took me for a tandem flight in Derbyshire a few years back, before emigrating to NZ where the flying is better. Frog is a very proficient flyer and has competed at international level.

After years of distant contemplation, I now have the cash in the bank and I intend to do a course with Airways Airsports (known to and recommended by my brother).

Before I can get started, I have to finish the bike I've been building for my wife. It's only been 13 years, so it's nearly done now. I am aiming to start flying in 2012, as soon as the weather is acceptable.

I've just read Phil's thread. I can only hope to progress at a similar rate once I get going.

I am in Old Buckenham in Norfolk. I've already found a couple of sites used by paramotorists, one just a few miles from me and another near the north Norfolk coast.


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Hi Pete,

I have been very lucky, which is the main reason I've managed to progress through training so quickly.

My only advice is to try to find someone who:

a). You trust (sounds like you're there with that one).

b). Fairly local. That way you can commit 100% & be at the field anytime the weather looks promising.

If the weather looks good try to get time off work & get down the field training because, if you leave big gaps, you tend to forget bits & then you need to work half a day or so to bring yourself back to the point you left off, which is frustrating for everyone.

I'm lucky because I managed to beg, borrow & steal time off work & generally the weather was kind to us (especially the Indian Summer).

Good luck with it - looking forwards to another training blog!


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I bumped into a chap from the Lemmings club on Sunday - can't remember the name but he gave me a card for Saber Ace paramotors so it would have been Alex or Mike.

In 20 minutes of chat I learnt as much as I have in weeks of reading on this site and others. Thanks for what amounted to a free lesson!


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Just got a copy of "Paramotoring from the ground up".

What an excellent introduction to paragliders and motors. For those who haven't read it (and I guess that can't be many on this forum) the book contains exactly the information I had hoped for, presented in a logical order and written in a way that allows me to visualise what is being described.

I also found an online paragliding 'simulator' that uses google earth. While the software in no way attempts to simulate the mechanism of controlling a paraglider, it does offer an opportunity to preview flying sites from the pilot's perspective.

And that's how another few hours of my life passed by.

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After reading much about the benefits and pitfalls of reflex wings, I would like some opinions on which one should learn with.

I would intend to buy and fly a reflex wing once my training is complete.

I understand some schools prefer to teach new pilots using conventional paraglider wings.

What do the instructors and recently fledged pilots think?


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I have just learnt using a Dudek Reaction 29 reflex wing and I can thoroughly recommend it TBH.

From my limited experience observing two other newbies with PG wings.. One found it incredibly slow once airborne and struggled to get back to the field when the wind picked up half way thru his flight... The other was last weekend, and he had issues with it constantly overshooting when bringing it up over his head during the ground handling phase.. Someone lent him a nearly new Synth and it was up straightaway no probs :wink:

These are just my observations and a good instructor will give you better advice than me.

Once in the air and flying with m8's you will deff want to be on a reflex just to keep up with them!!



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I cut my teeth on what in reality was a beefed up hill wing, I would proberly had gone for a reflex wing but back then there were only a few choices, revo 1, action ect, all of wich required a good techniuqe when launching, I wanted something I could get to grips with quickly and get into the air, having had no prior paragliding experience, (IE launching) I thought that was the best route.

However wing technology has come on since then and the latest crop of reflex wings have much improved launching charateristics, they are more stable and forgiving to fly.

so if I were to start over at this moment in time I would go for a reflex wing.

just my opinion, others may disagree

Remeber just because a wing may have a very high performance flight envelope, it dont mean you have to fly it that way, you would not get in a ferrari and drive it flat out the first time you took it down the road would you?


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i may come down to airways on saturday and have a fly from there, would be nice to say hello

alton towers and uttoxeter racecourse are both within easy reach as is the peak district

i could buzz the pg freeflying sites, but i won't, they will hunt me down and kill me, feckin tree huggers.. :lol:

I welcome any opportunity to meet up with experienced flyers. See you Saturday if all goes to plan.


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