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Throttle cable cut in prop :-(

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Went up my field last night about 5:30 and set up my kit did my usual pre flight checks and spent a while tuning my motor (volution macro)

Set up for a reverse as it was blowing a bit, wing up...perfect reverse then full power started running.. about 1ft of the deck and I heard something strange and lost power :-( I landed with no fuss and found that my throlle cable was in two pieces :?:? but not the wires for start/stop :?:?



I'm struggling to work out how it found it's way into the prop :? never had this problem before! The prop has some damage to one tip but should be able to repair with some araldite.


Will be on the phone to Parajet Monday morning to order a new cable and some sleeving! hopefully not too much expense :(

Has this happened to anyone else??

Tom :cry: missed a bloody good flight :cry:

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Retrieved a mate over a year ago. He'd landed out. Prop had dinged the throttle cable and was stuck on about two thirds (so climbing gently) and prop had cut the kill switch wires (so no cut out) Luckily he had a fuel tap which he found and turned off, once he'd decided where to land.

The reason it happened....... He'd removed and refitted the engine but ommitted a cable tie from frame to cable. There were two originally. As ever, I hope anyone reading this, wont make the same mistake


ps.. bl**dy good flying this weekend. Spring thermals ?

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Sorry to hear you've chopped through the cable, Tom.

I'm surprised you managed to do this, though.

Parajets have their throttle cable tied up along the swing arm so it's normally really difficult to get the cable to go that far back. Is that clamp still there?

All the best


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I'm still at a loss about how I managed this one, only thing I can think of is I could have had the cable twisted causing it to loop back towards the cage.

Alan, thanks it could have been a whole lot worse but luckily the cable released and didn't lock me into full power! although I can reach the main power switch in flight.

Steve, The cable was connected to the swing arm :? I have simulated trying to get the cable into the prop before (without the motor running) and couldn't do it.

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simple solution every time....

Don't bother balancing :D

With the size of that repair the weight difference will be bugger all,

just file it to shape when totally hard. and wet and dry till smooth.

If you want to check perfection. use the kitchen digital scales and weigh each prop, if within 3 grams of each other your on a winner. Don't bother with the next bit :D .

Check the balance of the heaviest prop by balancing across a thick blade (edge of a file held in a vice is good) and mark with tip-ex the center of balance on each edge.

now transfer the marks to the other 2 blades. They should balance at the same point. If not a generous application of spray lacquer to either tip/ root or full length will bring the weights into line.


Colin B

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Ok.... having put my motor back together, I tried a "reconstruction" and I CANNOT get the cable near the prop :shock::?:? Without having stalled one side of the wing and having my hand almost inside the cage I cannot do it...

So I am now left doubting myself! Maybe the cable snapped due to a weakness in the outer sheath and the prop was cause by a stone whilst I was tuning my motor on the ground :?:?:?:? bloody confused now :(

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