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Miniplane or Supair Harness?


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Generally, you are going to need a large harness (Italians are smaller) and Miniplane haven't been able to get the Sup air harness for at least a year, so you will get a Miniplane one. This is certainly true of the Large size and i am pretty sure it's true for the medium as well.


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I have flown both and there's no difference from the flying perspective. The Miniplane harness (which I believe is actually made by Woody Valley, a well respected PG harness manufacturer) is slightly lighter but the pockets are not as useful as the SupAir. The SupAir also has shoulder reserve attachment points which the original doesn't have (unless things have changed recently). Early original harnesses were supplied with a seat board that was slightly too long however Michel remedied most and I think the issue is resolved in new ones.

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I have tried both, I have the miniplane harness at the moment and its not as easy to get into as the supair.

Also you can't tighten the straps in the air.

The pockets on the supair are more accessible too.

However I dont think there's much difference in comfort.

If you have the choice personally I'd go for the supair


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