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Holiday Insurance


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For those going on the Spain holiday...(& others!), the following may be of use if you have not yet arranged insurance cover.

Following a suggestion from 'Aquatix' (thanks!) on this thread, I have been looking into the question of insurance. Most policies only seem to recognise 'paragliding'.

If you would like 'paramotoring' to be specifically mentioned on your policy documentation, it may be worth considering the following :-

Call 'holidayinsuranceweb' on 0800 068 0060 .... option 2

'Holidaywebinsurance' are a part of 'Columbus Direct Insurance'. This number puts you through to their customer service department (there is an 0870 number if you want to pay...!)

Ask to speak to Garth.

He will complete the process in about 5-10 minutes over the phone and prepare documentation with specific cover for 'paramotoring' & email the policy to you.

I have opted for the 'Gold single trip' level of cover... cost £16.09 for 8 days.

Details here

I think that this should provide a good level of cover if taken along with a 'Joint Aviation Services' policy.

For the 'JAS' policy, the details are HERE

Call them and speak to Sonia. She will email you the proposal form which you need to complete and email or fax back to them.



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Thanks for that Gavin.

Spoke to Garth earlier and booked 2 weeks insurance to cover PPG in Mexico for £32.16p. Actually £64.32 because I have included my brother in-law who is coming with me.

Three choices of cover Bronze Silver Gold I chose the Bronze.

Bronze doesnt cover cancellation or loss of baggage.

Difference between Siver and Gold is cover amount. Bronze up to £3million and Gold up to £5million.

Excess for standard repatreation £60. Most expensive excess is the legal cost at £174.

They do not cover 3rd party injury or damage. Dont cover damage to the paramotor. They do not cover cancelation due to volcanic ash.

Does cover injury by motor car PPG etc that would require treatment and or repatriation which was all I needed as my other insurers cover the rest.


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