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The wait is over...............its here I think a few months to see how it goes and to get all the teething problems sorted out (same goes for any new paramotor :? .or engine :x ) some more than others ... :oops:

As Ive said before the unpaid development/test pilots are the first few customers of the new product :shock: ... :shock: Ive been one before and I have no wish to repeat the expensive process again.....then after all the problems have been sorted out :( Ive got to have one :D

best of all its got a clutch whaaay haaayy


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Cissco C-Max uses a counter balance shaft and a lot of modern motor bike engines also. Reduces the vibration almost to zero. Although the new engine is being show cased at St Hilliare this weekend it won't be available until begining of next year. It looks promising just hope the weight is reasonable. I will testing one shortly so will report back for thoes who ard interested Pricing published next week.

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[attachment=0]DSC000681.jpg[/attachment]Sneak photo from a mate who is at the Coupeicare......

29hp, @ 7,400rpm 17.5kg complete or 18.5 kg with electric start...... clutch drive

Price £1.50 ?????? :shock:

PS.........I think he was joking about the price :x

He just left the two 0s off the end :D

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