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volution no spark


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aarrrggg my new volution is on a go slow as in no go.no spark.im going to get coil tested its either coil or pick up mag.i asked parajet to send new bit/bits in post as its cheaper than me tramping down there.fuel cost wise,what happened was it fired up on choke ok ran it for a few mins,stopped it then it woulnt fire back up.had a spark then tried again no joy.got new plug it fired but didnt run ,checked spark no spark.

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Sorry to hear about the motor Jock. Looks as if you'll miss Thursdays gap in the weather, unless you can get the powered HG in the air?


ps - Oludeniz was excellent, although thermals were only up to 8,450ft!

When i done the test flight i said there was a drop in power.i put it down to being not run in.they will sort it,thursday looking good s/e so i will chuck my mate of castle.morten.paul ,t has a hg to try.i will take doodlebug over as well.if all goes ok,i shall have a flight back to powick with the bug.after a bit of free flying.turkey went well for you then.

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