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Ive just found this artical on Paramotor news......This motor should ( I Hope ) be what we have all been waiting for....I am frothing at the mouth....and best of all it looks like its got a clutch

it should make all the other paramotor engines redundant...... :shock:

After the great success of the famous THOR 100cc paramotor engine, Polini hasn’t stopped its creativity and he is ready to present the new THOR 200cc engine.

It’s a 2 stroke compact and light engine, designed to meet so many requests coming from people who love this sport, anxious to use a new propulsor with more performing features, faster and more reliable.

THOR 200 is a concentrate of technology; it uses the best technical solutions to grant safety and reliability being also easy to start thanks to the new Flash Starter system.

Polini will present in preview the brand new THOR 200cc paramotor at the “Coupe Icare Expo 2011” the most important show for the paragliding market, in program at Sain Hilaire du Touvet, Rhone Alpes French department, from September 22nd to 25th. You are welcome to discover the new THOR

here is the link


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Its rumoured that the Thor was origanally designed as a 200 but brought out as a 110cc first as this would appeal to a larger market it will be intereasting to see how much it will weigh and how bigger a clutch is fitted but undoubtably what the paramotor world needs

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