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balloon festival near me on 9-11 Sept so lets do a Fly-in ?


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9, 10 and 11 September there is the Wisborough Green Balloon festival about 3 miles north of my place if any one wants to come and fly around a few of them I should be up for it, and if the weather looks nice it should be a good excuse for a little fly in. On a nice evening or morning there might be a couple of dozen up in the air. I don,t get very close to them , but I do know the big commercial balloons are quite happy to have us buzzing about if we are careful.

There is also the annual Southern Hang-gliding club ( paragliders included) party on Saturday over near Ditchling beacon, just north of Brighton. It was at my place last year and it was a very good party, open to anyone with a bit of cash, I was going to that so if anyone wants to Party we could go as a group and even flyin to my friends place in Hurstpierpoint, a couple of miles from the party and get a taxi or something and camp out.

Let me know who might want to do something along these lines weather dependent.

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Don't forget your air law during this one chaps.


Can you remind us about that simon???? Do you mean the air law that say's you have to fly as close to hot air balloons as possible. :lol:

Is this a bring the wife and kids or a solo event. ?

I have a plan !!

Clive if you want to swap your wife then i would go to the local butlin's :wink: don't think they take kids tho :lol::lol::lol:

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The weather is looking far too topsy-turvy for any flying, Oh well it might just be another kitesurfing weekend.

Still Early days , and I suppose on the present forecast there is an outside chance of some flying on Friday evening and Saturday morning. If that looks better nearer the date I will set up an area for camping and a bonfire and all are welcome.

I did get permission to fly into the Southern Hang gliding Club Party on Saturday, as it is being held in a large field in Plumpton, so if the weather comes good all of a sudden that is an option.

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Hi Morgy

too busy and too tired to kite today, but how about a road trip to arrive on monday to the West Coast of Ireland. Check the swell from the tail end of Hurricane Katia. Nice wind too. Probably too big for me but I would love to give it a go if we could get a few serious types together and go in one car. ???

+Just ordered a new helmet from Icaro. So no more bright orange chainsaw hard top.

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bright orange chainsaw helmet just has to go.

I got to fly all alone with the balloons this evening. Seemed a bit windy at first and the festival was four miles downwind, with the balloons flying away from me so I didn,t get to fly through the pack since most had taken off before I got there. Anyway I loaded my SD card into my camera with the tab locking it, so that didn,t work at all, and was far too fiddly to fix inflight.

I counted about 14 balloons, one with a parachute jumper and two local guys flying close formation aerobatics in their Fournier motorgliders.

Nice smooth flight, with a slight threat of rain. By the time I got home wind had dropped right down and the sun was setting and it was only 7.30.

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next is a new wing. I just can,t decide which one yet. A full on ppg wing like the nucleon or another nice handling paraglider wing, or even some semi reflex type. There is a ITV Dakota sport xl for sale that looks good. Another Sky wing is also tempting, maybe a Atis 3. decisions , decisions. I really cant make up my mind.

I,m down in Cornwall this week for some kitesurf'n wave therapy, and if the wind drops I might fly around lands end on Wednesday evening and Thursday looks pretty good as well for a flight over the moors on the way home. . I will try to get hold of Whittters to see if he will join me.

If anyone wants to join me, I have rented a chalet on the beach in Hayle that has a spare room going free and you can fly right off the bluff a few yards away.

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