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Video link from take off field


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Wasn’t sure whether to post this in the video section but though off topic was probably best.

So that I can see what is happening weather wise at the local microlight field I have built a TV transmitter so I can view the field and the wind sock. It is all operated within the amateur radio bands and license conditions.

It also incorporates a radio link remote control so I can turn it on and off at will from home.

Here is the kit before taking it to the field, the antenna is already installed:


Here is a view of the internal gubbins of the transmitter box:


Here is the finished installation on the hangar roof:


Here is the video received at home:


I have since installed a short wind streamer on the back of the clubhouse, which I can see better on the screen.

Well I have to do something to keep me amused,



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how do you know this stuff alan, i presume its your trade..?

Retired electronics design engineer.

I've been doing amateur radio since 1983 and amateur television since 1989.

For those with a technical interest:

The video link is on 1258MHz FM with 0.35 watt output. I did get a noisy picture with 30 milliwatts.

The control signal is on 431.3MHz with a specific subtone to turn the video on/off.

12V supply, standby current is less than 10mA, running current is 400mA.

The receiver is an old analogue satellite receiver with a high gain homemade antenna.



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That’s a good question Simon. There is lots of equipment on the market that can offer a video link, a lot of it on 2.4GHz that doesn’t need a licence. The range is going to be less on 2.4GHz than on 1.2GHz (amateur band).

There are a number of transmitters on the following site with 0.1W, 0.4W and 1.5W output.

A transmitter with similar spec to mine http://www.spycameracctv.com/spycamera/ ... ers-1.2Ghz This is £78.

My link covers 4.3km, to achieve this I am using directional antennas:

High gain antenna http://www.confidentialcommunications.co.uk/Antenna.htm

Or http://www.lightinthebox.com/Brand-New- ... 18587.html

The antennas I am using are both homemade, so cost very little, only time. You can find details on the web if you search for ‘1.2GHz high gain antenna’.

The control receiver could be on 433.92 MHz, which is a licence free allocation but will have all sorts of garage door and gate openers on it.

The best thing would probably be to buy a pair of cheap UHF radios (with subtone CTCSS built in, most are now) and get someone to provide a control output wire from one of them.

A suitable supply regulator and latching relay for the on/off and you’re there.

If you had to buy everything new then you could be talking £350.

My setup cost about £20 in monetary terms with most stuff coming from surplus equipment and the junk box. It has taken quite a lot of hours of modifications and construction.

The signal can be received by others with an old analogue satellite receiver and a reasonable antenna. Line of sight reception helps a lot at these frequencies.

Are you thinking of a link from Membury to home by any chance.

It’s 11km so eminently do-able with decent antennas. Is it line of sight do you know?

Any help I can offer please shout out,



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