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check out this flying!!!

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Actually another case of a pilot potentially going to ruin it for all- never mind the personal risks he's taking himself. Maybe there's something about the name 'Dell'

Looks like Northern Ireland SE coastline, therefore in CAA jurisdiction- wouldn't be surprised if this sparked some complaints.

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Legalities aside, I can't help admiring his confidence - both in his flying ability & equipment - as there is no room for errors in either most of the time .... Doubt I will ever reach that level of skill / ability to switch off the rational side of my brain ! :P

The sky looked pretty active so maybe that's why he stayed low - I would probably have kept slightly lower, with both feet in contact with terra firma ! :lol:

Great little gorge descent at 8:40 !!

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Same guy, starting his paramotor with two children facing the prop while on a stony surface.



Seems to have a basic lack of any understanding or care about the sport. That last video is a total mare for us, and makes me a little angry.


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Well he can certainly control a wing, but he cannot fly - that takes airmanship.

What's that Irish expression that came coming into my mind?

Oh that's it FOOKING EEJIT :!:


LOL!! Couldn't have said it better myself!!!

Great skill, and confidence- bad airmanship.

Thankfully this display is not charactaristic of the majority of pilots in NI.

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Yes.... well spotted.. I wonder if our intrepid pilot noticed them...

Other risks included-

Crossing powerlines and road at low altitude (0:26)

Fling along powerlines at low altitude (0.30)

Flying below tree level (0.35)- very close on right hand side at 0.37

Flying under railway viaduct (0.46)

Flying within a valley

Climbout from the viaduct is very restricted- tall hedge/trees on left, road infront, with powerlines along the road, and Millhouse immediatley infront. Bearing in mind the pilot is still in the valley, no matter what way the wind is coming, there is potentially rotor from any angle here.

Also- perhaps not a danger.. but a general courtesy... Flying low over cattle is a definite no. They can panic and stamped, risking injury to the animals, or passing vehicles- not to mention ruining the reputation of PPG pilots generally.

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