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Beautiful smooth evening in Wales.

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Hi Peter,

It's just south of Heads of the Valleys, east of Merthyr Tydfil. It's not really my area as I'm based in Brecon but the conditions have been better here lately and it's a really easy place to flop out of the car and into the air from. You're also likely to bump into others here when the conditions are right, on the evening of the video there was a powered hang glider and two paramotors flying from there. A lot of ridge soaring goes on about a mile away. I didn't know about the place until recently as I have no interest in the valley areas (run down towns with bored kids, burned out cars in laybys, etc.) but it turns out to be a bit of a pilot's mecca.

I've attached a map, the red area shows good launching areas. Beware of low flying police helicopters which seem to show up regularly.




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Do you know any good spots to take off and land north / north east of Brecon that you could share with me? I am using a few sites at the moment north of the Golden Valley but they are all harvested fields, so only good for a few weeks at this time of the year. I am looking for somewhere that I can use year round.

I have a friend who is going to show me somewhere near Glasbury but he is away at the moment.



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The best sites are around The Mountain Centre but for the summer months they are too overgrown with ferns and unusable. I have permission from farmers to use various fields when clear of sheep/cattle but each one has it's limitations depending on wind direction, trees, slope, size, etc. As you head out to Hay and especially Hereford the fields get bigger, flatter and better.

I made contact with Talgarth airfield but despite some member support it seems to be quite political and the committee refused to let me use the airfield for paramotoring.

Soon the farmers will be cutting the ferns back and the best place to look at is probably around the Mountain Centre, north of Pen y Fan mountain.

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