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6/1/08 flyable

Guest parajetsimon

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Anyone thinking of flying? I aim to be at the field for 1pm today if the wid stays as it is. 2MPH at the moment. Give me a ring about 12 noon and I will let you know if it is still good.

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Hi Rich,

You've seen it fitted in the pics, wait till you see it working :D when you get the motor bring it over to mine and I will fit the fuel warning light sensors and strobe for you. Same goes for Pete and Jase if you like. Not long now folks 8). I will let you know when Gilo has sent me the blank throttle housings.

Hi Kev, didn't fly in the end, I concluded that there was a nasty shear layer at 200ft, (the backward flying seagul gave it away!), and anyway, I can already do backward flying......I don't need to practice that...!!!!

I have added the strobe manufacturer contact details to the strobe page. The deal is on till the end of Jan 08 if anyone is interested.

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Hi simon. I've left a message with Gilo, about the mods , but he has not phoned me back yet. The unit will have to go to Avian for the reserve, bridles and instrument mountings to be fitted , which i think will take about a week. should have the log cabin built by then ready for storage and drying the wing.

Looks like the weather has taken a turn for the worst. not looking good for a while.

I'm ready for some flying and a pint. Hows the "W", shame I have to look out at the bad weather, thinking of you keeping the country running for me. Not planning on getting up until the end of the month, or when it's a bit warmer. must be horrible getting up in the dark !!!

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Hi Pete,

Good to see your hibernating, did you bury your nuts deep enough Pete? :lol:

Perhaps it is time to meet up at the HQ for a beer. Like you say weather not looking good for the next week or so. Anyone fancy the first AGM for the LPC at the HQ? Ding, ding, calling all prop bolt tappers and shunters!

Not long now Pete, you getting nervous?...... I would be if I was you :lol::lol::lol:

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Hi simon. Don't do frightened, I just frighten everyone within 400m of me, or maybe even further . I've heard they've grounded all flights around the midlands when I get my machine. need to talk to Gilo to find out exactly when its ready. could even have my first flight with him !!!.

Ready for the next indoor meet, some time soon I hope

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