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Newbie tag along


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Hi all I am very interested in taking up this hobby, due to the fact I love flying but unfortunately can't afford a ppl and maths is a real weak spot of mine,

But before I start taking any courses or purchasing any equipment I would like to tag along with some experienced particepents and see what the crack is so was wondering where I could or who I could join on saturday 3rd September? weather permiting of course!

Please leave a message on this board


Matt Smith

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Hi Matt

To change profile go to the user control panel (see the menu options in the right) the select profile from the choices on the left.

Regarding tagging along. The only thing I can suggest is google paramotoring and the location you're interested in. Also, just keep asking in here and keep an eye out for fly ins that may be happening.

There's lots of folks on here only too pleased to share their experiences.

All the best


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Hi Matt,

I'm probably one of the nearest to you, then.

I'm based out of Redhill and we do our flying from a site in Guildford.

Give me a call a bit later, if you like and I'll let you know where we are if you want to come and have a look?

07968 345554)

All the best


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