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Not the outcome I expected....

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Just happened to get chatting to a nice young lady a couple of weeks ago.

Our eyes met across a busy pie table...blah, blah.

Anywaysup, it turns out she had a 15acre plot of land for the garden!!

As you can appreciate, her conversation happened to become a whole lot more interesting to me....

She was very keen for me and the wife to pop over on the way home to have a quick 'site assesment'

This is out the back of Hastings way, so farmland everywhere!

I could not beleive my luck, this was going to be such a scoop. Even her husband was very keen to see the paramotors in action. He's very much into qaud bikes and 4x4, so the ideal type of people.

She did warn me there was a slight slope to the garden and a 'couple of trees' about.....

Well sizzle my sausage, it just goes to show what people have ideas about the ideal site!

After 3 minutes of staring about in disbelief, the summary is thus:-

7 acres are SOLID woodland, surrounding 3/4 of the entire plot. The remaninder is the house and grounds etc. The trees reach up to about 75ft at least.

8 acres are split on two levels with at least a 35 deg. slope all the way down, with lake at bottom area.

The entire plot is situated on the side of a valley, hence slope of ground. So rotor, channeling etc. would be commonplace.

Needless to say, the wife sat and drunk their wine, I started talking about qaud bikes and grasstracking.....

The drive drive home was subdued to say the least.

Onwards and upwards.........NEXT! :fail:

And just to finish off my week. A good friend of mine is currently restoring a farmhouse that is set in 600 acres. A guy and his sister were left it in a will from the parents. And they let some land to a local farmer, the rest just sits idle..... The owners are constantly on holiday, and just ring up for updates.

But its up near Silverstone..... :explode:

All I need now is a hole in my new reserve......

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I am rapidly learning to take non-paramotoring people's idea of a 'perfect' launch site with a pinch of salt.

Not quite as up and down as your tale but lots of suggestions from friends recently with nothing but dissapointment.


Keep looking :)



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Sometimes it works the other way too... a guy once told me he might have a field after he saw a few of my aerial pictures and explained a bit about paramotoring.. I didn't get too excited until i got a look at the fields, but turned out to be some of the best fields we have here to fly from.

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