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Auxiliary power plugs?

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I want to add 1 or 2 auxiliary power plugs to my Macro for my phone (memory map kills the battery!) and possibly heated gloves in the winter. Not sure what sort of plug to use, do I use a modified car cigarette lighter plug or add a few usb sockets to the side (ok for phone but 5v won't run the gloves)?

I already run a micro avionics strobe so slightly concerned that battery/charging won't be able cope with added load??

Any suggestions?

Tom :D

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IMO you are best using Speakon connectors if you can mount a socket to your power box or frame, as they are more secure and lock in place : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speakon_connector

2 pin Molex connections also work well, but whatever you use fit a fast blow fuse and possibly a diode or secondary rectifier. I had a charging rectifier fail once and it allowed the AC voltage through from the stator which fried the battery and strobe .... :evil:

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You will probably want a secondary voltage regulator as well. I could be wrong, but I believe there might one inside the electrics box, but fit another one!

Pete Baines wired up a cigarette lighter style socket to his Macro and all was fine when the machine was idle, but when he went for a flight, the power output being generated was higher and he fried his iPhone.

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Umm.. Fried iPhone, don't like the sound of that much!

For the phone I think USB could be best as it's regulated 5v?? Still fused though.

Those connectors look good for the gloves what do i need to regulate the voltage ? And what size fuse do you think ?


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