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meanwhile up in Scotland


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Hi guys, I have been having the most incredible flying up here the last few days. Flew Lead hills friday morning, then Glencoe in the evening, The next morning more of the Monroe Mountains, then drove on to Skye, but stopped in Glenn Shiel to fly a couple of times before moving on and getting one last flight in On Skye at Loch Brittle. Sunday was blown outsy so went kitesurfing, Monday flew the western tip of Skye over 1000ft cliffs at Neitsy point lighthouse, then some kayaking and today I had the most spectacular flight of all in North Skye along a ridge of basalt cliffs that include the Old man of Stor and the Prison. Flew out along the ridge in the middle of the island and back along a really pretty stretch of coast.. All that flying down south is just practice for the real McCoy up here.

I would really like some buddies to fly with so lets put something together for next year. Trade in your motors for vans and lets do it during the Olympics when the airspace is all locked off.

Video to follow soon. I have been filling up my memory pretty quick, there is hours of footage to edit down to highlights and this computer is a bit slow dealing with HD.

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I am up here for a couple more weeks. However for next year I would really like to get away during the Olympics. I have no interest in them in the slightest and although I am just outside the no fly without transponder zone ( the line cuts through the farm) I just don,t want to even hear about it all on TV. I have just done another amazing flight, It really is the dogs bollox up hear if you get the weather right.

This was this morning on Skye



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Nice one Seymore! Looks stunning. I'm an hour or two further north than you in the Summer Isles and the past two days have been ideal for flying whilst inland it's been clagged in. Just landed after an hour or so in the air. Perfect breeze for easy take offs on very rough ground. Lots of remote coastline to overfly and miles of emptiness to drop down low over.

Even though I'm outside the military low flying zone, I had a jet come in fast off the sea to the west and fly past me fairly close but not too close! I was well above the recommended 1000ft at around 2000ft so all good.

It would be so much more enjoyable flying with others, shame we didn't fly together. Off to Applecross for a couple of days tomorrow but weather looks like it won't be so good for flying. I've had my fix for a while!

Enjoy the rest of your trip and I look forward to seeing all the photos and video footage.

All the best


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I was very friendly with them as they carry GUNS .......in fairness to them they behaved themselves Very well :?

and once that they saw we were there to Surf and Fly and could see that we wernt a

Terrorist group who were going to Blow ourselves up over the Dome :shock::shock: they were happy to let us get on with it as they did the year before and the year before that ...I think the Bacon buttys that they

Get every year also help


like everybody else with a bit of power a little corruption smoothes things over :|:?

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Took this about four days ago, just one of a dozen amazing flights I have had recently( I take my helmet off just to video myself because the camera is attached to it, then put it back on for the rest of the time.)


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