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Wing and motor registration

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I have been Mulling over an idea in my head for a while and wanted to know your thoughts.

Basically was thinking about a motor and wing Identification thing on the net .

Ie . owner : Jim Aggiss

Motor make : Fresh breeze Simonini Have a ID number on the frame IE. No.154

wing make Frsh breeze Silex No. 143 (have it on the wing a bit like a G-reg on normal aircraft )

Wing colour : RED

Motor Colour :RED frame

Was just thinking would be easier to identify if either or both were stolen.

And the Number on the wing could be used to track down people who Bust airspace or the ANO in someway.

Im not saying use it to dish out a spanking when people get things wrong . Instead re-education of what is and isnt allowed .

I think if the club can be seen to be taking a proactive stand for safety and the law . maybe the CAA and Easa will leave us alone .

Best of all it would cost peanuts to do i think .

your thoughts please . JIM

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Or put someone else's number on your wing and hoon around their manor in the hope of getting them a visit from The Man. :wingover:

As for security. Smart water or Alpha dot is effective, cheep and fully backed up by the feds.

For a social recognition register IE; motor, wing type, colour, phone number etc

I believe there is already such a thing (its just not very up to date or mandatory)

cant remember the site but it was mentioned in the last long winded bun fight

Colin B

Oh and Matt.......... You beat me to it!

But lets All put francis`s number on All our wings.

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