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Hi every one +++++para motoring is mind boggling

I am reading watching and surfing all this information and everyone says a different root to take to enter this sport gggrrr

i no that i want to fly it just the root to take as up to £7000 is a lot for the average Joe not that i am looking for a short cut as i am sure pain will soon follow.

here is what i am looking for

Q1 what motor for a guy 106kg (in normal clothes)

Q2 what wing for my size plus motor weight and kit weight

Q3 what training deals buy kit from the school??? What have any of you done?

Q4 will the wife ever see me again on weekends when i get to fly ???

Thanks every one


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To be fair Steve you are are asking some reasonable questions.

A1 You'll need a motor with reasonable power, say 20-25 hp. Do not buy before you get some training, you'll know what to look for (and what not) once you have more knowledge.

A2 Look on http://www.para2000.org/ and you will see the recommended weight range for each wing. Most manufacturers include all-up weight (include the weight of the wing) but Dudek exclude the weight of fuel.

Approx all up weight will be 106(you) +30(motor) +4(half a tank) +7(wing) +6(clothing & ancillaries) = 153kg

A3 £800-900 will get you trained properly, only buy kit from the school if you're happy it suits you once you know what you are looking at. If possible try other kit.

I bought 2nd hand from from my instructor when I was very naive, the motor was OK but the wing wasn't a good buy.

A4 This one's easy - NO



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