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Full reflex question


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Hi Matt

The brakes will bow/hang back that is to allow the trailing edge raise to go into reflex. I had my first flight after getting all my kit back. I thought of you while i was flying so looked at my wing while in full reflex.... It bow's but not allot i would say i have about 8" between the line's and the cage.

I also think it might be because your small :lol: How is your hang point set is it right to the back hole as this will make you closer than most other people.

All the best

Eat some pie's

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Several things occur.

on a low hang (swing arm) machine on fully open trim reflex wing.

The lighter load on the rear lines means they billow out and come closer to the cage (as has been said).

the pilot moves forward under the wing and the angle of the lines changes bringing the top of the risers closer to the cage.

the higher thrust required to stay level makes the engine "pitch down" and brings the top of the cage closer to the riser.

The bigger the cage the closer the two get to each other.

This phenomenon is the subject of numerous incident reports (some very serious). The problem gets bigger in turbulence as the pitching up of the wing coinciding with the pitching down of the motor brings the two in direct contact, any yawing of the motor to the wing at the same time brings one side even closer; these movements can press the parked brake handles through the netting if the netting will allow and permit brake handle/prop contact.

Using speed bar with the legs (weight) forward also pitches the motor down and increased thrust demand at higher speed further pitches it down.

My own view FWIW is that higher powered motors are better on mid hang systems rather than low to prevent this amount of "thrust pitching" and motor/wing pitch differences.

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