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Grinding coming from clutch area


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I have recently bought an old RDM 100 but it makes a metal on metal grinding sound when turning the prop. I think its coming from the clutch area. I wonder what oil I should get and where to put it as checking it over does not reveal an obvious 'top up' point. Also if anyone has a copy of an RDM 100 manual, I would be greatful.

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Thanks for the responses. I decided to take it apart and have a look today to see what was up. I undid the reduction bit and had a poke around.

The clutch area looked and felt ok with no visible wearing like I thought may be the case. I used my fingure to spin around the clutch and the bearings span around without making a noise. Next I checked the smaller cog and that also span around without any sound and finally I span the large cog that spins the prop, again without any noise or problem. When I put the thing back together again and gave it a spin it made the noise again so I can only assume that the noise is coming from contact between the large and small cog. I cannot however see any signs of wear. The whole thing was full to the brim of oil which had a sickening smell to it that made me want to throw up but as the pics show, it looks relatively fresh and clean. I imagine perhaps the sound it makes may just be normal now but now that I have spilt all the oil over my driveway I am unsure what oil to put back in there and also how much to fill it up?




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