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Engine dies when i leave the throtle


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Hello,i have the sky 100 engine in my paramotor and i have a problem.

When i was in the field the engine starts easily and idles ok but very low(the set up of the carb is 1 and 3/4 turn).

When i make a flight for example 1hour and then i leave the trottle in the air at idle the engine dies.


Today i go to clean it and i see in the carb a drop.Is this the problem??

Thanks a lot.




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fuel should not be coming out of your carb. If fuel can get out then air can get in.... PLease check your air filter as it loks like that it is not fitted correctly IMO.....(IN THE BOTTOM PHOTO)

check the gasket on the top or the carb to make sure it does not have a rip or hole in it

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Your cable tie on the fuel line should be wrapped around twice. If used like in the pic, there will be a fuel leak on the hose.

You may be running too rich on idle. This will kill your engine when you return to idle for too long. If the idle is lumpy, not smooth, it's rich. Check out youtube on how to adjust the idle on a black devil.

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Change the carb membranes every year, and complete fuel lines every 2 years...

Fuel lines get hard and brittle, and air can penetrate small cracks.

Also check your priming bulb if you have one fitted- the rubber in these can perish and leek air. If you notice a lot of bubbles in the fuel line it could be down to this.

It's a good idea to try one change at a time.. so you can pinpoint exactly what caused the issue... but often it is a combination of items.


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I screw the cone shape screw and the rev of the engine stay the same.Why???

Then i remove the pump cap of the carb and the small filter that it has in the carb,it was full of dirtys,like small metals,hairs and other thinks.

Some one told me that i must remove all the carb from the engine, and clean it,its the reason why when i screw the cone shape screw the rev is the same.Is it true??

What do you suggest me to do???

Thanks a lot.

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If the carb membrane you took off has dirt hair or any type of particles then you should take out the jets and make sure there is nothing blocking them. The hole can be very small. you can use a single strand of wire to unblock the jet if anything is inside. also make sure the float is not jammed (if you have one)

Buy some carb cleaner you can get it from most good auto factors and spray it into every little hole/jet just clean everything.

I hope this helps

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Today i remove to clean my carb WG8,because inside the carb th filter was very dirty.

Its the picture i sent you.I connect the carb again, after clean and again the same problem, the rev was very slow.Then i bent the small metal inside and the rev now its OK.

I must put a new flange in the carb with the body of the engine???

Thanks a you very much for you help.

Before i clean it.


I bend this smallmetan inside


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