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Snowdon Flight

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I spent a few days in N.Wales the other week. I plucked up courage to fly directly over the top of Snowdon (marked by the cafe at the top of the mountain) :D . Also did a 70 mile flight through the Llanberis pass and up the coast.

Rather than explain it I have attempetd to post the track up load from my garmin via the connect-garmin web site. I am not sure if the e-mail share link works when posted on a forum(can't suss out how to do it otherwise) :?: .

Can other people without a connect-garmin account see the map, track, speed (average speed line) and distance graphs from this link:-

http://connect.garmin.com/activity/9895 ... Eqgo.email

If it works I have just got my new Speedster 28 & will post the circuits to show average speeds on the various settings ( when the wind stops blowing on the East Coast).

Musn't forget a big thanks to Paul Haxby (AXB Sports) for organising the trip and advice on routes to fly :wingover:

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Thanks guys.

10ft...can't miss an opportunity to foot drag a deserted stretch of beach :lol:

As for the coffee...no I didn't stop on that occasion but I did brave Snowdon later in the week to see the terain by foot from the cafe. I wouldn't have flown over it if I had done that first :x

Now I know connect-garmin works I will do some 8 mile circuits on the different Speedster settings & post them in the same way. That way there should be no arguments about speeds, just need the darn wind to drop.

Happy flying.

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