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Scary beyond belief..

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im glad ive got those type of carabs.....

i feel a whole lot better knowing how strong they are!!

Haha, thats exactly what I thought after I watched it too!

I spent most of the vid thinking "don't spiral it to the landing" and then he did! The dude looked straight at it several times and still didn't spot it!

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The clouds didnt look too bad to be honest. What did look bad were his hands holding the risers and brakes all the way up. Even on your hot ship reflex wings he would of been battered all over the skies. Active flying was needed here and would of maybe saved him from what happened.

I have been told that he actually threw a reserve but it never deployed...and he walked away from it with just bruises!

I have asked for him to pick my lottery numbers this week :)

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I have had a similar problem getting right upto cloud base and the hitting bad turbulence as I left the shadow of the cloud. Wing became a bundle of washing, then re-inflated, collapsed again, then came out with twisted lines in a SAT. I was on a comp wing and it recovered easily enough , but I lost a couple of thousand feet with plenty to spare.

Turbulence was not quite like this though:


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