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A summer's morning flight along the south coast...very low.

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Mainly because I'd had a student filming me for the takeoff, and wanted to use that in the video...

...and because I had that nice spiral in for the landing. :D


This was...err....Monday. The morning before Morgy's super-reliable paramotor wasn't so super-reliable AGAIN. :lol:

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Barney Townsend on the Polini Thor with the Float-bowl carb was getting 2-3L per hour economy at the Nationals.

That almost makes brings it into the economy range of the 4-stroke Baileys.

Just food for thought! ;)

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Well we'll soon see.

The float bowl carb's are becoming more common now and seem to offer better economy than the normal WG8's. I may get one in to test at some point to see how much better it is. It's supposed to be much better in the mid range (cruise) than the usual WG8 which just throws fuel into the engine! :)

Worth considering and a lot lighter than the heavy lumps. (Bailey V5 not included in this statement)

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