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EC extreme 26 simonini mini2

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I am new to paramotoring and have been offered an EC extreme 26 with onle one hour used. the shop he purchased from vouches for this and will transfer the warranty. Does any one know how good or bad this machine is? any feed back would be appreciated.... thank you in advance. experince of this anything.......

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Hi mate,

Ive got one of these motors but, and it is a very big but, I am still learning and have not flown it yet also I have no experience to be able to rate even if I had flown it. However the build quality seems to be very good indeed, the unit brakes down well with the cage splitting into three sections, I can put the motor and wing into the back of my Fiat Punto with room to spare. The throttle is nice and comfy without being bulky and again looks and feels well made. The harness on mine is large and seems to fit well although there is not alot of adjustment on the crotch straps. Power wise it kicks out a fair old push but that the Simonini which you can get figures for all over, the only thing that is worth changing is the cut off switch, when they come from the factory apprantley the cut off just kills the starter and not the power, but mine had been modded when I got it.

Hope it helps

Cheers Lee.

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