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first flight with new volution

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Went to powick to have first flight with the volution,set up waited for thermal to bring a bit of wind as it was nil wind.wanted to get flight in before it got to thermic,reverse lanch and upwards,the pic with me in it with eyes closed was sun in my eyes honest.lol.i was still hanging out of harness with that pic,as soon as i got well above the trees i got into harness,thats when i saw the unit was hanging far to low,thought it was trying to be a flymow.i left it on the setting andrew at parajet said.i did do a hang test in the garden,but it needs ajusting.what is the best setting for a 93kg pilot its on the 4th hole from the front.i think it needs to be on the 1st/2nd hole.i take it thats the way to ajust the hang on the volution.anyway mike i got above them trees at last,on the return from kempsey roundabout on the downwind leg i was on full power and not climbing at all slighty loseing height all the way back to feild,that i take it was because it was to low on my back.but i was in the air at last.






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