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Chase cam

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  • 2 weeks later...
it has taken me more time to work out how to resize the photo than it took to make the chase cam.....it took a few flights to get it to fly in the right position but that little fin on the back is the key to success :D along with lots and lots of Duck tape[attachment=0]DSC00830.JPG[/attachment]


Which line do you attach it to?

How long is the line?

Possible photo of the attachment :D:D

Don't worry if you can't at the moment, I know you have a few problems :(

How's the recovery coming on?



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the recovery is slow :( Ive got another month before I am allowed to put my foot on the ground due to the fact that my Tibia is screwed to my Fibia and they need to remove the screws before I can put weight on my foot otherwise the screws might break.....

but the good news is that I can move my ankle around 30 degrees on a good day but seem to have lost feeling in a lot of my foot but the Doctors reckon that it will come back in time....and has been improving a little bit as a result my left thigh is now like a cyclists....my right thigh like a snooker player

the camera is hanging from the a lines not right at the tip but the next one in the reason is that any other line moves about to much because there is not a lot of weight on it and if you attatched it to the rear of the glider it is going up and down all the time as you apply the brakes

I just made a loop in both ends of this hanging line one attaches to where the main line of the paraglider splits into lots of others that connect to the glider.......and the other end was adjusted up or down to get the right height

I groundhandled with the paramotor on my back without the engine going to make sure that the camera could not get caught by the prop

then just check the footage and away you go .... :acro:

Ps might take a little bit longer to check the footage if you have not got a lcd screen you can play back on onthe camera ( al la gopro ) but on my atc9k I can :D

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Morgy made up a Chase cam for me and then I had to sort out the mount. It is attached it to one of the inboard D line attachment points on the wing. I managed to get a near perfect angle first try. Mixed in the footage with a bit from a few days earlier when it was sunnier when I was using a pole to mount the camera. Now I just need to get some footage while flying somewhere spectacular.


Note the new helmet rather that my old chainsaw hard hat.


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Nooooo dont attatch it to the brake lines .....otherwise every time you turn ie pull the brakes the camera goes up and down.....If you use tip steering dont attatch it to the tip.....I found the best line to hang it from to keep it steady is the A line first one in from the tip or where the cascade from the top lines become a single line.... :wink:

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