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Actual thrust


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I have just got one, and I dont have an answer to your question. But here is my thoughts.

Kobra list it as 110kg of thrust.

ec Extreme list is as greater than 90kg of thrust (Taken directly from simonini web site)

My understanding is that the Kobra prop is different and will give extra power.

However I am dubious that it would be as much as 20kg more.

I have split the difference and taken it as being a genuine 100kg of thrust.

I bought this with a view to being able to do tandem trike with my wife at some point in future.

The only other subjective test that I have been able to do is the following.

I can stand all day long with a black devil \ moster engine at full throttle all day long on my back. (without really having to think about it)

I can stand with a Simonini 200cc engine (the one used on the flat top) fairly easily on full throttle. But I do have to concentrate and think about it.

With the Evo engine I can go to full throttle BUT I have to be carefull and really concentrate, and I have to be very progressive with the throttle . I would not want to try any engine with more throttle than this.

I am contemplating buying a trike for my wife and I, that would be a combined weight of approx. 280 - 300 kg. And I am hopefull that with the right wing that this will do.

But I would be interested in finding out exactly what the thrust really is. I am quite happy to put mine on a rig if someone has one.

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Hi Barry, I think you are now the only other owner of an Evo engine in the UK. Not sure if you got an engine manual from EC Extreme (it hadn't been produced when I got mine) but now available to download here: http://www.kobrappg.com/spareparts/contents/en-uk/mini%202%20evo.pdf - some useful stuff about running in, warm up procedure, oil & carb settings ....

... one thing I noticed was they recommend semi-synthetic over pure synthetic, and again the specific Simonini warning against TTS :?

I PM'd you the spec of the Helix prop (as supplied by Kobra) in April - is yours different ? I got sniped at previously for quoting the claimed thrust on here, but you are probably right that is around the 100kg region in real terms, although my engine has never reached the claimed max rpm of 8000 (maybe 7700 at best) so perhaps you could see what yours reaches when it is run in ?

I've spoken with Kobra quite a bit about the trikes, and they say the Evo engine is perfect with their big stainless Kilo trike, or tandem / solo PPG. For pilots of our weight wanting full time use on their Kilo Duo trikes, they suggest the bigger Rotax, Hirth or Victor engines. For occasional trike use or a lighter trike / pilot / passenger combination the Evo is fine. For 2 heavy passengers they suggested certain more efficient tandem wings are better than others...

Looking forward to your first flight report. :wink:

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