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Muffled Radio

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I used my radio yesterday properly for the first time but found we could only hear each other clearly by coming off the throttle to talk!

The less gas the clearer it was, is there something else i can do, channel etc?

We all have a resistor spark plugs and use 2m radios

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Hi Matt, this highlights one of the problems with using a handheld and flying a paramotor.

Virtually all handhelds are engineered to work with a normal speaking voice at a couple of inches from the radio.

This level of course gets a bit drowned out when the motor is running (state the bl**ding obvious :? ).

The only way to really cure this is to reduce the gain of the internal microphone amplifier circuit. I have done this with a couple of my radios and the transformation is brilliant. You do have to have the headset microphone very close to the mouth but that is no problem.

Sorry this might not be the answer you wanted. What radio do you use?



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