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Lightweight battery


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Thanks Alan.

I have been looking into supplying lithium iron batteries which will fit straight into a paramotor/motorbike and accept a charge as per a normal lead acid battery but at a fraction of the weight. I have been a bit snowed under to persue it but Craigs enquiry has prompted me to get off my backside and get it done!

Hopefully I should have specifications, prices and availability on the Shorai and Super-B ranges of lithium iron batteries in the next couple of days.

Best regards,


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Hi All,

I used to have a heavy lead acid battery on my paramotor, but I've recently switched to one of these.

It's a direct replacement for a lead acid with about 120 cranking amps, my lead acid used to provide about 40!

Its a different type of technology from LiPo and doesn't involve special chargers, charge bags, etc etc.

You can leave it on the shelf for 12 months and it wont loose charge, it fits directly on to my Corsair Black Devil with no modification to the wiring.

I've attached a couple of images showing the differences in weight.

The lightweight one weighs 600g and the lead acid weighs 1500g, so a net saving of 1KG.


Light Weight Battery


Lead Acid Battery

I got mine from here -> http://www.av8er.com


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