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New Motor is out for delivery :)


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Hi barry

I am going to Goowood Sunday!!! I will be around next week if you plan to fly..... I am thinking about going to the IOW tuesday weather permitting.... I know it might be a bit much on a new motor but you could always fly to portsmouth with us then fly back. 1.30m or so

Cant wait to see your bright orange motor (we will be able to see you for miles) :lol::lol:

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It has been delivered.

So all I need to do is collect it from cambridge tommorow.

I feel like a kid at christmas, super excited.

I am hoping to fly it tommorow as the weather is looking good, so I will let you know about later in the week.


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Hi Mark,

You are quite correct I did get it from UK PPG in March, Cambridgeshire. I spoke to Richwill15( Al I think) by phone on friday before I left.

I drove up late on Friday night so that I could spend the day up there.

We arrived at 11:00 on site to be greeted with a very warm welcome by Nigel and Nikky later in the day.

Now for the good bit, I ordered an ec extreme 33. This comes with the Simonini Evo engine, I had Various amendments made to the standard spec. I ordered the wasp colour scheme which is orange and black (not bright orange as previously mentioned ). I had a three blade prop fitted. I had a 15 ltr tank fitted instead of the standard 9. And finally I had the harness adjusted with a larger seat area and longer middle strap. This in turn ment the bars needed to be lengthened. All of which were done by the factory where they were very accommodating and were very Ernest on making sure that I got something that was going to be usable by me.

On opening the box it was extremly well packed and Nigel had to hold me back a little bit from just jumping right in there and starting to throw things together.

Stuart who had got his unit the night before was also there to help Nigel and I assemble the motor. Nigel took lots of photographs to capture the moment. In particual the grin on my face.

We then spent the next three hours checking that it was exactly the way it was supposed to be and doing hang tests to make sure I was ready to go.

Now all I had to do was wait for the weather as it was looking very dynamic and not ideal for a first flight. But as it got later in the day it was looking perfect wind strength, althought the direction was variable.

By this time I was getting the nod from the wife that we had to get going soon as we had a 4 hour drive home and she has to get up for work at 5:30.

So it was now or never, After doing my preflights I started her up, and I have to say it is a beast with more power that you can shake a proverbial stick at. After a few adjustments to the wing to get it into wind it was go go go. and I was up, I had quite a lot going on in my head. This was the first flight under power on my new wing, and it was the first flight on a new motor which is a high hang point machine rather than a low hang point machine which I am more used to.

But I was up and going up like a rocket, a little wiggle and I was properly in the seat ( A real first for me) it was very comfortable with very little vibration. I was also not exhausted and dripping with sweat after running for half a mile down the field on the wrong wing / motor combinations. I tried a variety of power settings and just general bumbling around. And it was all worth the wait.

Summing up: I had a great day out and met some really nice people there (Stuart and Dan, Stuart sorry once again about the socks / sandles comment)

The equipment is brilliant and I am really looking forward to fully running it in and getting some good flying in. It weighs about the same as my home built motor but it sits more comfortably on my back as the harness actually fits properly, and I think it is considerably quiter than my current one.

So overall I am a very very happy camper.

Pictures to follow. (I need to take some and I know that Nigel is busy and has told me it will take hime some time to get them to me)


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