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Noise level of four stroke


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Some day I hope to have to opportunity to test fly a four stroke paramotor, but since there isn't any four strokes here in my neighborhood I content myself with asking about them.

How is the noise level at level flight? big difference or just slightly less then a modern 2 stroke?

I have had 3 motors so far, a big walkerjet, miniplane and now a pap pa 125. (just so you know what I'm comparing with)

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Same volume but a lower frequency so it does not sound so annoying but will carry further

That is very true and hard to judge as it is subjective. On the field I prefer the noise of a friend's old corsair engine as it is deeper and more muffled, whereas mine sounds more annoying because I'm always closer to it. On video recordings from the same distance mine sounds quieter. Manufacturers quote decibels but that is not the whole story with noise.

At the Nationals I thought the Bailey 4 strokes were noisier & more annoying going overhead but other comments said the Parajets were worse even though I thought they were relatively quiet. Some small engines are quieter but higher frequency / rpm.

Out of interest, has anyone on here suffered any hearing loss or damage from prolongued paramotor flying ? It might be worthy of some study and consideration before making a long term purchase, as I know I often don't wear hearing protectors while warming the engine up so I can listen for any odd noises during the pre-flight inspection. :|

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May I suggest "peltor ws alert a2dp bluetooth" hearing protector? I have them and they are great. http://www.proffsmagasinet.se/h%C3%B6rs ... tooth.html I have the ones that are made for helmet fittings.

They have microphones on left and right side of the ear muffs so you can hear the surrounding but it decreases volume if it gets to strong. Very useful since I can talk to people easily and still have all the gear on me and be ready for take off.

The best part of them though is the a2dp feature so I can play music in the air in good quality.

Also possible to use the phone in the air.

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