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Question on motor enclosure.

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Greetings Everyone, I have a quick question having to do with the sport. I was wondering why ParaMotor engines are not totally enclosed? Only the part that is closest to pilot is actually caged, but would it not be safer to enclose both sides? Does it have to do with aerodynamic wash of prop?

P.S.- I am interested in the sport and therefor was wondering this after watching the movie Risk and Reward as well as many youtube videos on the sport. Cheers.

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A few reasons really.

Weight is one - nobody wants an extra kilo or two of cage & netting.

Aerodynamics is another - the whole cage creates drag, and also disrupts the 'clean' air entering and exiting the propeller (so more cage would be less efficient).

It would also make it more difficult to access the motor for pre-flight checks, adjustments etc.

Everything is a compromise between weight, strength, safety and efficiency - hence the variety of different designs available.

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