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Its gone quiet on our bit of the forum and I know the weather has been crap lately but yesterday was a passable evening and unfortunately my local flying field is knee deep in long grass.

I tried phoning arclid and they were less than enthusiastic.

I know there are several wings flying in the near by area so where do you lot fly from?

Would love to get together with like minded looneys to spend some time in the air looking at another wing rather than just the ground..... :?

Anyway just my 2p, where are you all flying from at the mo?

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Hi Mark, yes that was me - good to meet you even if we did get pi$$ed on and thoroughly soaked. :(

It rained just after your phone call Paul, but I've sent you a PM with the field location for next time.

Might as well get the Cheshire branch more active ....


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i feel bad for not bringing some good flying weather with me!..

nonetheless good to meet new faces, and really look forward to doing some low level stuff...especially after ive just watched the video on exposureroom!

nice video!

fingers crossed for some good stuff

al i need to work out is who is who...slapper...aquatix..!!!

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Hey, Long time all,

My original login seems to have been decomissioned so I'm back as a sequel.

Good to see some action in the cheshire theatre of operation.

I think I've randomly flown with most of the people. Met the stoke massive a year or so ago (macey2kk et el). We were flying from one of Mr Meds' fields. Been flying a bit with the scouse crew (slapper, aquatix etc). And the lancashire hot props who just wish they were from cheshire. Mr hammertime has been quiet like me but im sure the old chap is still flying.

Havent seen flying doc for a while but have flown with him too.

I think what im getting at is that we should have a cheshire and 'cheshire wanna be's' fly in.

Just got back from portugal today. had some nice hill flying on a small hill near loule. thermals like bullets though.

Hope you are all well.


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