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kobra gx 200 ready//////


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Inhale heard that they are the same price £4250

crikey over 4k for the humble gx.thats way overpriced.i think they should put 50-100 flying hrs on one first at that price,or have they already run the engine for a lot of hrs to make sure its got reliability to justify the 4k tag.but im a fan of the gx200 but not at that price.i saw & heard the new bailey 4 stroke at the nats,sounds great and so easy to pull start.....

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Thankyou for the interest.

KobraPPG 4 stroke is built using a yamaha engine. (not some cheap chinese copy of a gx200)

Yes they have been running it for years, fine tuning the 4 stroke up to 75kg thrust while reducing weight. Now detuned it to 60+ kg thrust for longevity. Due for release very soon.

Very light, quiet and a bargain for a 4 stroke paramotor. Still stands at 27kg with a full stainless twin hoop chassis.

All the usual KobraPPG luxury's, from the harness with under seat reserve to a quality weight shift system that is made using aircraft grade aluminium which is securely fixed in a way that only KobraPPG produce.

None of these figures are final until the official release.

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I dont know what you mean ?? I never do that ;-)

I have no problem with the level that he promotes himself and or products. It's all good.

He knows where the boundaries are ;-)


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Neither. I have started and revved the V5. Looks great, Paul has done an excellent job.

Kobra 4Stroke I have not had hands on yet, only feedback and followed development. As I said all figures are subject till I have one in hand.

Kobra quoted weights are pretty good include prop and harness. Quoted thrusts are within the the norm. Will see, hopefully not long now. I will shout when I have one.

Have heard lots but not going to put my foot in it till I know for sure.

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