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Revo tip steering

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I took the tip steer off my Revo when i first got as i felt there was too much to think about, but i want to put them on now.

They work on a slip knot and didnt feel they work well enough anyway!

Can they be stitched on or is there some other method?

I heard Vince from Custom Air had a system to adapt?

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Yes vince or aerofix can sort you out with a better solution that the knot.......

I dont care what anybody says it will slip sooner or later.........mine did on several occasions then youve got a long bit of dangling line that can get very close to your prop mine was luckly cut by the prop but if it had wrapped round the prop I would have done a acro move worthy of champion......its just that i would have not known about it :shock:

The prussic knot is used as a slide knot to go up and down ropes....

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