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A French perspective

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There are many good points to living in France, but it certainly isn’t necessarily more economic than other countries.

As a generality because of the high tax rates and social taxes a lot of products and services are expensive in France. It is definitely better to be retired and not subject to the stoppages from ones salary, the average amount being 48% :shock: .

It certainly pays to shop around, the same article can be quite a different price depending on what supermarket you visit.

Today I went looking for new boots to use for paramotoring as my old ones are now 11 years old and pretty knackered. I have to admit they were very cheap at £20 and never were wind or waterproof :roll: .

I have bought some McKinleys walking boots, giving very good ankle support, and I am very happy with them for €70.

http://www.intersport.fr/e-commerce/con ... _id=170517

On the other hand I have been looking to get my Dudek wing inspected, as it is overdue.

Looking on the Dudek website they suggest using Rip-Air in France but s*d me what a price!

A full inspection is quoted as €170!! Dudek do a full inspection for €50, can you believe the difference?

Postage is quite expensive in France, compared to the UK, a book that was sent to me from the UK cost twice as much to send back. I thought about using a carrier to Poland but having contacted DHL they were quoting over €500, f*ck me it’s going from bad to worse :? .

I have now gone to La Poste and to send my wing to Dudek in Poland has cost €47.45. I did pay an extra €10 to have it insured though.

Hey ho it pays to do a bit of searching but trying to find specific things on French web sites is to say the least frustrating. Lots of price comparison sites but anything remotely technical and your stuffed.

Vive La France.

Cheers, or should that be Salut,


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Hi Alan

I'm an artisan and they take 50% off me immediately.......and should the remainder be more than 23,000 they take another 18%. British bankers don't know that they're born!

Anway, have you tried:

1) Exapaq

2) www.anyvan.com/delivery-to-france/

3) George White


07768 867360

+33 6 23 03 85 59



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