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Paramania fusion vs Ozone speedster

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I'm a happy owner of a fusion that I've had for two years now. I'm not going to change wing for some time but I'm curious about the Speedster.

There been a lot of talk about the R 10 technology and ozones success with it in competition and their delta and now the rush 3. The speedster is from what I understand supposed to use the same kind of design benefits.

I don't have the possibility to try one yet but have someone tried it that also have flown the fusion?

Would be interesting to hear how they compare.

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Michel's observation may be correct but for the wrong reason.

It was released for ordering in April & following a demo on a 26 in mid April I decided to order a 28. I was informed it wont be delivered until mid July so I suspect no ones got one for competiton yet. Hardly any Youtube vids either.

I am not a competition flyer & just love to go for as long a flight as possible. A Bailey 4 stroke (V4) means I generally fly 2-3 hours. I have flown a Reaction since I started 3 years ago & having tried other wings found the Speedster very responsive & fast without speedbar which fits my needs. Instead of a 60-70 mile round trip I hope to do 80-90miles.

I also fly low level along in the ditches ( we call them dykes in the Fens) which requires precise flying. Whether its good enough for competition flying would not be my call but I know it was much easier to do the clover leaf slalom & dyke fly compared to my Reaction. :wingover:

Paul C

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I'm close to just buying a speedster based on Flyingfergus's review alone but I'd really like to hear from a few others that have flown the speedster.

I'm assuming you - Paul had some tail wind advantages for both your outbound and return flights otherwise that glider is wicked fast. I'm trying to find a glider that will do mid 30s (mph) in fast trim but don't really know if that exists or not. Its gotta be able to foot launch in 0 wind so being in or slightly above the weight range is a must. I am 110kg all up and looking very closely at the speedster 24.

If anyone else has a review I'd love to hear it or a reason why another glider might be a better choice!


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I have looked on the ozone web site but can not see any info on the speedster IE top speed glide ratio etc I can see aspect ratio and pilot range and it's rating but nothing on speed....

Do we have to book demo flights on the speedster/nucleon...

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