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Communication in paramotor

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Hello i want to communicate when i am doing paramotor with other ones.

I have the Wouxun radio transmiter VHF and the icaro helmet with pelton headset.

Can i converting it the pelton headset to talk????

Thanks a lot.

What do you suggest me to buy???

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I want to order from Icaro2000 e-shop(http://www.icaro2000.com/Products/Helme ... ronics.htm) the electronic headset "Nac 2000 C-Peltor Op II headset for 2mt band radios" for paramotor use.

I have got the "Wouxun KG-UVD1P two way radio",and i want to help me which radio connector to order for example standard,Kenwood or something else??????

Thanks a lot.

Does this site Ok???

I sent a measage to Icaro and i havent got an answer.

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Go with the Micro Avionics headset as it is configurable for different radios through a set of switches.

It looks like the Wouxun has a twin plug connection for external microphone or headset so that is a good start.

Do you have a manual with the radio that details the connections for external mic/headset?



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