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Walkerjet Solo 210 thrust upgrades?


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Hello All.

I have recently bought a ten year old (but mint condition) Walkerjet Superhawk with a Solo 210 engine. It has a 130cm prop marked superhawk and a 125cm replacement both wooden. Surprisingly the 125cm gives more thrust but similar engine RPM.

The engine seems to be completely standard and had the Walbro carb with a K&N type air filter, plus the standard black box type exhaust. The engine seems to rev nicely, is smooth and fairly quiet but......

I need more thrust! Have enough to take off and climb-out but it's a fairly pitiful rate of climb and will struggle to maintain altitude on full fast trim (Paramania Revolution) and I can't even contemplate speed bar.

Please can anyone suggest any upgrades to achieve this? Thinking possibly bigger head, tuned exhaust, beefier prop etc and have seen that some bits might be available from Fresh Breeze (expensive!) or Simonini. Has anyone done this before and can recommend parts and/or suppliers?

Thanks in advance for your help. :D

Best regards,


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