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Flying a leg or two.


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Do you want to fly a Leg or two of the Tip to Tip with the six pilots?

You are of course ALL welcome to do so and I ask that you contact your closest club to hook in to the event.

Why not get sponsorship from your company, workplace? £X per mile or something....

Anyone interesting in flying a leg or two of this flight should reply to this post with there name and club in the format below.

(This is for good reason)

Also I must ask that people joining in along the route do not use branded wings of any sort. (this is to be fair to the sponsors of this event, who are giving there hard earned cash to the charities for this)


The format....

Simon Westmore, Berkshire.


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Hi Simon,

Is it ok for the 4 BLACK HAWKS to come and meet you and escort you in to Leicestershire? :D

The wings are all custom made in pure black being pushed through the air with custom made black Parajets. The pilots (or should I say STIGS) wear black fly suits, black helmets and of course blacked out visors 8)

There should be the yellow dart circling us aswell, aka the flying builder... and possibly one or two more....

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Simon, & Crew....

Of course you are more than welcome ( in fact we are counting on it! But pretty please take another gander at the message above in particular the bit about the 'format' and the name and club :lol:

The idea is that I am trying to end up with a list of names (and numbers of total people involved....)


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