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Fuel tube


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You can take it off, or run 1/4" tube. I prefer 1/8" ID tube to the carb as it seems to help with bubbles. I use the Bing blue alcohol resistant stuff as I find Tygon too soft. It's transparent so that you can see the bubbles and get paranoid about them like me!

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Hello,i change the fuel line with Tygon.

From the fuel tank in to filter i use 1/4'' line and from filter to the carb i use 1/8''.

The motor runs fine but i saw that the filter i use doesn't fill of fuel.Why???

The 1/5 of the filter has fuel on it.

I use the filter in the picture that i post.

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Ah. Now if you can find an answer to that I will be most impressed!

I too have the same filter orientated vertically and it runs almost dry. I can only imagine that there is either a pick-up tube inside the paper element which runs close to the base of the filter bowl, or the fuel runs up inside the paper element without escaping into the bowl. I also get streams of bubbles occasionally from the filter to the carb and there is definately no leaks at the joints or in the filter (I have pressure tested the line).

After changing ny fuel line/filter set up multiple times, the best advice I can give is that if it runs ok - forget about it!


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