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A Paramotoring Video

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As no-one else seems to be arsed about posting any PPG exploits, I thought I'd try to get the ball rolling again.

Nothing special I'm afraid. Just me buzzing around my field, GoPro on my bonce and the Mrs filming from the deck, with Ellie running around like 6 year olds do.

Bloody hard work synching the two bits of video.

C'mon all you GoPro gadget fiends, post some footage :D




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Nice one!

I like the contrast in perspective between being on the ground looking up and being in the air looking down. Most people will never get that priviledged experience.

Interesting that you look closer from the ground than the ground looks from you! Probably down to a decent zoom on the ground? Plus you are the sole focus from the ground whereas you can see the whole panorama from up there.

Good work :D

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